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We have 20+ years of experience as a Prime DOD contractor, specializing in supplying non standard, inert ordnance and accessories for  multiple military contracts.  Our extensive experience  provides us an advantage in acquiring and evaluating , New, New Old Stock and Surplus defense articles for both the military and retail sales.

Coming This Year!

2018 is looking to be a great year for Tank Ride.com Inc. We are receiving various Inert Training Devices including and not limited to : Inert cutaway rounds,Inert Makarov rounds, Inert PG-15, PG-7v and PG-9 rockets. Inert MPR, MS-64, MN-121 mines with fuses. Inert Hand Grenades and Inert  9m14m Malyutka Missiles.The Inerts we will be getting in this year are perfect for Inert Weapons Military Training. 

Why Tankride.com Inc is the best

Due to our past experience supplying Non Standard weapons to the DoD and other government agencies we have detailed knowledge of submitting importation permits and documents to ATF, as well as staying up to date with the US Government weapons purchasing procedures, delivery protocol requirements,SAM and WAWF. We are the most qualified at providing successful  acquisition and delivery of imported inert products and training devices.

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